Digitizer Touchscreen Tablete Dragon

Digitizer Touchscreen Tablete Dragon.

Dragon Touch budget tablet with a budget price. Amazing that this level of technology (quad core CPU+ octa core GPU) is available for only $109.99. The screen is responsive and easy to use.

Dragon Touch a great little tablet for the money. The quad-core processor makes screen movement and program launch smooth and quick. The 8-core GPU makes 3D games and backgrounds look and act exactly as they should. The 1GB of RAM makes everything work together seamlessly and without major hitches. Having the newest Android firmware, 4.4.2 KitKat already pre-installed is a treat. Typically tablets and phones in this price range rarely come with the newest firmware and usually do not have the needed hardware to make an upgrade viable. No worries, here. Dragon Touchalso has dedicated USB and Host ports, making the use of external keyboard/mouse/thumbdrive/etc. supported.

Pentru aceasta tableta cel mai cautat produs este:

Touchscreen Digitizer Dragon Touch A1X Geam Sticla Tableta– 150 lei, montaj inclus

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